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A "Network of Networks"

The Internet is a computer network that you can use to exchange ideas and develop knowledge. The Internet is actually a "network of networks." The networks that comprise it are thousands of local-area networks--groups of computers connected by cables--that have been set up by universities, government agencies, research institutions, and corporations all over the world. The Internet is the world's largest computer network, with over 20 million people already connected. Users on the Internet can send e-mail to each other, download files, participate in online discussions on a variety topics and even purchase products.

Wayfarer and the Internet

There are hundreds of companies with a presence on the Internet. All of these companies are taking advantage of the enormous marketing power of this new technology to advertise their products and services. The Internet enables prospective clients to access information and order products directly from your company. Wayfarer is dedicated to developing tools that will help market our client's products and services. Wayfarer is a leading supplier of Internet presence products and services in the Mid-Atlantic United States.

Information on the Internet can reside on any one of the thousands of computers, also known as servers, that are connected to the Internet. Wayfarer applications provide you with a complete set of tools for viewing, downloading, and searching for information from any of the servers on the Internet. For example, if you want to see information about Wayfarer, we can be found through all the leading search engines by using the key words Internet, Presence Providers, Computer Software, Solutions, or just Wayfarer. Our Internet address is http://www.tripod.com/~Wayfarerinc/index.html.

wayfarerincarer Internet Solutions
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